DapurPixel Prestashop Theme Membership and Support is Discontinued

Dear Loyal Member,

We regret to inform you that DapurPixel have decided to discontinue our Prestashop Theme Membership and Support. We will be closing the services on August 15, 2014. There will be no more theme updates or technical support for all themes after that date.

After the closing date, your membership account will be deactivated and removed from our database. You will no longer be able to visit the membership page.

The decision to close down this business was not an easy one as we enjoyed the relationships with our customers over the years.

We would like to thank all of our members over the years and tell you how much we have enjoyed having you as a member. To express sincere gratitude to our valued members for your support and trust, we decided to open access to all our Premium Themes.You can download all themes on your main page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do for you before August 15, 2014.

DapurPixel Team

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NinaBobo Premium For Prestashop 1482 Already Released

NinaBobo Premium buyers maybe expecting about this template update released, because prestashop has been released for several of week now. There is some change in this update. Here is NinaBobo Premium changelog :

[+] added style for currencies block
[+] added style for language block
[+] added style for permanent link block
[+] added style for editorial block
[+] added style on cms block
[+] added padding on breadcrumb
[+] added style for scenes block
[+] added style for product list
[+] added style for maintanace page
[+] added countcategories module
[+] added gridlistview module
[+] added homeslider module

[*] updated jbx menu v2.8.6
[*] changed grid/list view icon
[*] changed button style on forgot password page
[*] fixed header position
[*] fixed styles on subcategories
[*] fixed style on categories block
[*] fixed style on viewed block
[*] fixed style on manufacturer block
[*] fixed style on supplier block
[*] fixed style on advertising block
[*] fixed style on comparison page
[*] fixed style on product accessories
[*] fixed style on login page
[*] fixed style for inline info
[*] fixed style on crossselling block
[*] fixed style on product category block

[-] removed facebook like module
[-] removed product tweet module
[-] removed product link module
[-] removed scrolling page module

Please wait, until we send NinaBobo template updates to your email.

Hurry Discount Price almost Over for Solva

On May 16, 2012 We released SOLVA ,a premium prestashop template for Prestashop 1482. We give limited launch discount price for customers who bought SOLVA from May 16 – 29 2012.

May 29, 2012 its tomorrow according to our local time (GMT +7), so thats mean the launch discount price will not valid again and SOLVA will have its normal price starting tomorrow $95.

So, what are you waiting for Get SOLVA for prestashop 1482 with discounted price NOW

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Press Release: Solva Premium Prestashop Theme

DapurPixel as one of the Prestashop theme developer introduces Solva, a full customized Prestashop theme with simple and elegant white color scheme. This theme is integrated with custom slider module which is created exclusively for Solva, it will give the store visitor a different presentation of products.

solva premium prestashop theme

Short Description Missing in Prestashop Back Office

If you love Firefox to suft the net, be prepared to stunt when you open your prestashop Back Office, You will not able to see product shot description section as it was disappear swallowed by earth.

Dont get panic, because is not just you have encounter the problems. Many prestashop lovers who use Firefox 11 deal with same problem.

Why the problem occur ? According to the prestashop team member, the problem occur because Firefox 11 dont support TinyMCE editor that prestashop used in version.

Sneak Peek: Solva Prestashop 1.4.7 Template

Coming soon in our prestashop templates gallery: Solva!!
Solva comes with natural colour scheme and bring freshness to your online store.

Compatible with Prestashop, we added with three big frames on the homepage to welcoming your visitor. Custom jQuery Slide show with 3 special movement.

Here are the screenshot


premium prestashop 1482 template solva

What do you think? Interested?  We will launch it in a couple of days…

Follow our TWITTER and FACEBOOK to get the latest info about SOLVA Template

DapurPixel is Recommended Best Web Tools 2012

Two days agWebhostingsearch - Best WebToolo, Jane from webhosting search is contacting us. She said like our website and found our website usefull and would like to include our website into her website directory for Recommended Best Tools 2012.

Dapurpixel has been recommended by Webhostingsearch as one of the Best Web Tools for providing excellent and high-quality Prestashop Themes and Templates for our users.

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E-Commerce Responsive Web Design

5 years ago, we didn’t need to think of how our site should appear on phones, tablets, or any other devices with different sized screens. While today, somehow IT world has changed since then and now there are so many screen sizes that website owners or website designers need to deliver for.

ecommerce responsive designIn the end of 2011, most websites visit from mobile devices increased from 10% – 20% (more info about ecommerce goes mobile). Converting your website design will be essential since this is an opportunity for your website or web store to grow potentially. So, if you are an online business owner, it is important to adjust your conventional website design into responsive design. Why responsive web design? Here are some things to think about.

Responsive web design is a concept of a website which is able to adapt to fit any device to display. It helps the layout to change according to the user screen’s resolutions. Thus, this design will affects not only layout, but also images, videos, and the amount of test viewed on a page. The key is to keep the most important elements on so it ensures your website works as its best on all screens, including netbook, tablet, or smartphone.

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Make an ecommerce responsive web design

Ecommerce Responsive Web Design

Hello guys back with me again, i wish you a great weekend, for now i’m gonna talk about how to make an ecommerce responsive web design!, yeah this is for you that having a problem with your responsive web design and want to make responsive web design to increase your selling! and i gonna tell you how to make it better or even make it perfect!.
I know there were several problem that you facing when making a responsive web design. And i’m here to help you a little bit :)

But first, let’s check our prestashop responsive theme and see how it works.

Just resize the browser horizontally or diagonally and you can see the magic, cool isn’t it??

How to Test RumahBatik Responsive Template

Incase you havent notice that last week we already released prestashop responsive theme. Yeah its not new design template i know, but hey its our first prestashop template that look nice when you access it using your pc, tablet, and mobile gadget.

How to check if RumahBatik is responsive ? Or if you would like to see how its look on your iphone or tablet. What tools can you use to see the different ?

There a lot of tools out there that could help you to check if a website is already responsive or not. Just to make it easier for you, here is the lists

Matt Kersley Responsive Tool

He did a great job there, you just need to enter your website URL and voila! you will see your website in several screen resolutions. What best is you could download the source code and run it on your pc to test local website. Get them here